8 Things You Can No Longer Do In Video Games

Artifacts of a bygone era in gaming...


Innovation and gaming are synonymous. Gamers around the world are always seeking the next big change. Whether it's improved visual fidelity in a new console or never before seen features in a new game, this is the industry of change.

While this change is certainly one of gaming's strengths, anything that is viewed as a retread is often pushed to the side, and it means many great features of the past have been left in the dust.

Many of the entries on this list are still playable, considering remasters and ports, however, we are looking at features that don't appear in the latest games releasing today. To play these features you might have to boot up an old console or dig around in your wallet and pay for a re-release. Seeing them present in a new release is uncommon.

Whether it's much-loved mechanics that are no longer present, or entire genres that seem to have gone extinct, we want to look back at them, with our nostalgia glasses firmly on, and remissness about what we can no longer do in video games.


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