8 Things You Can No Longer Do In Video Games

7. Play A Decent Movie Tie-In

GTA San Andreas

If you've been paying attention to the current state of gaming, you may have noticed the distinct lack of games released alongside major blockbuster films.

This is because they have largely been confined to the graveyard of mobile gaming. As sad as this is, it is understandable considering factors such as rising development costs and the slight issue that these games tended to be awful.

Critics were never usually kind to movie tie-in games. Watching one release was akin to watching a lamb jogging to the slaughter, unaware of the sword hiding behind the veil of the Friday release. Scrapping these games seemed like a wise decision.

The thing is though, not all of these titles were terrible. Every X-Men fan probably fondly remembers the X-Men Origins: Wolverine tie-in game, which was actually fantastic. As it stands, it is probably the best X-Men video game ever made. With the movie tie-in game being left in the dust, gems like Origins are unlikely to be made again.


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