8 Times Video Game Enemies Went Places They Shouldn't

Mr. X is coming for you no matter what.

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We've all got our comfort video games. The ones we go back to that we've played so many times that we know them inside-out. The ol' reliable titles that, whether we've truly mastered them or not, we feel confident in saying that we've put enough hours in that they can't surprise us anymore.

You know every level, every item, every boss strategy and every enemy placement.

Sometimes, video game enemies can seem take a life of their own on and through programming problems or glitches, will behave erratically. And if they don't? Well, there are also plenty of examples where we can push the game a little to see what happens and see how our classic foes will react.

Whether you're deliberately searching for the unexpected or being surprised, we can instantly tell when something has gone wrong with a game and that that enemy is not supposed to be here. What you do with that situation is up to you.

Either they broke free to try to rise up and start a new life, or players were merely toying with them. Either way, the enemies on this list found themselves in places they shouldn't be.

8. Teleporting Enemies - Destiny 2

resident evil 2 mr x

Cheating is all well and good when you’re the player but if the enemy cheats then we can all agree that that’s just not fair!

Beginning with the Beyond Light update, things really got bad for Destiny 2 players during the Season of the Chosen that later followed it in early 2021. What had originally been designed to assist boss spawns so that players could continue their fight against them if the boss got stuck somewhere in the map, the code had also been applied to the AI of regular enemies.

Ducking into cover to hide from foes who would suddenly appear in close combat with you was an aggravating moment that became more and more common. Playing tactically only meant so much when your target disappeared from your line of sight only to suddenly be behind you blasting you with jets of fire.

It took months for Bungie to announce they had “fixed” the issue and rolled a patch out that summer, washing their hands of it. Since then however, the problem has persisted and many cite its worse than it's ever been.

There are plenty of theories on why this issue seems to be now baked into the game. However, the important thing is that Destiny 2’s roster of enemies are now able to go wherever they damn well please, whenever they damn well please.


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