8 Times Video Games Directly Insulted Other Games

Driver insulting GTA was something else.


The video game industry is an absolute juggernaut of entertainment, and with every developer angling for their share of the market, it's expected that a rivalry might emerge every so often.

Openly insulting the competition isn't usually the done thing, so instead of hurling insults at one another from the stage at E3, the people behind our favourite games settle for programming references into their games intended to give players a laugh at the expense of some other title.

While it may seem childish, the results are usually hilarious. Whether you've caught a glimpse of an Easter egg featuring a character from another game, noticed the obvious spoofing of entire franchises, or even just heard lines of dialogue written as not-quite-fourth-wall-breaking diatribes against a bitter rival, we've all experienced - or at least heard of - one of these insulting inclusions.

While they're not always intended to be offensive, they're certainly entertaining, so let's take a closer look at 8 times video games directly insulted their competitors.


8. "Righteous Slaughter" Takes Aim At Call Of Duty - GTA V

2K Games

Another entry that has never been afraid of upsetting the world at large, the GTA franchise has been taking jabs at celebrities, fast food chains and car manufacturers for years now, and this thinly veiled insult from GTA V was practically impossible to miss.

Protagonist Michael's millennial son Jimmy does little more than use recreational drugs and laze around playing video games, particularly his favourite, Righteous Slaughter 7.

From the name alone, you can tell that the fictional video game phenomenon is a spoof of Call of Duty, and the more you dig into Righteous Slaughter the worse (and funnier) it gets.

Firstly, the game's full title is "Righteous Slaughter 7: The Art of Contemporary Killing", and it's rated PG for "pretty much the same as the last game". Also, according to in-game sources, Righteous Slaughter 7 was released only 3 months after its predecessor, and loading tips for the state things like "Buy more DLC; it makes you a better marksman", and "Always question opponents' sexuality", referencing the notorious behaviour of CoD's playerbase.

Given GTA's history of insulting anyone within striking distance, it's hard to believe that this was meant in anything other than fun, but it's still awfully close to the mark.

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