8 Times Video Games Got Star Wars Wrong

Is it a lightsaber, or is it just a glowstick that makes a noise?

The Force Unleashed Starkiller Force

Part of the genius behind Star Wars is that it works across a wide variety of mediums. As opposed to other licenses that have found themselves victim to several botched adaptations it has, for the most part, developed quite a solid reputation when it comes to gaming.

Much of that comes down to LucasArts, the famed but now sadly defunct studio/publisher that brought to life dozens of Star Wars titles to PC and consoles over a period spanning over 25 years. They nailed the galaxy time and again, and while they're sadly no longer with us, Star Wars games are finally - at long last - getting good again, with Battlefront 2 mounting a solid comeback and Jedi: Fallen Order turning in the best single-player Star Wars title in over a decade. (Granted it was the ONLY one to release this decade, but still. Go Respawn!)

For all that Star Wars games have succeeded though, even the best ones haven't managed to nail every aspect of the franchise. Whether through a weird narrative decision or design choice, Star Wars games have rarely ever been perfect at adapting the source material, and constantly seem to repeat the same mistakes.

That doesn't make them bad games of course, but the following design choices definitely didn't lend themselves well to the galaxy far, far away...

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