8 Times You Failed To Be The Hero In Video Games

Despite all your good intentions and hard work, you're still a complete monster.

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The heroic knight in shining armour has always been part of the lifeblood of gaming – from Super Mario Bros' scrappy underdog plumber to Ghosts & Goblins' literal knight in shining armour (and lovely spotty boxers). We have all aspired to be these heroes. That is, until Grand Theft Auto III came out and we all decided we'd rather beat sex workers to death like the edgy twelve-year-olds we were.

Since then, gaming has begun to take a more nuanced approach to morality, putting us in the shoes of anti-heroes, mercenaries, all-powerful artist gods and just about anything in between. We're frequently even afforded moral choices within these stories; will you be a paragon, a noble peacekeeper to whom nothing is more important than saving the galaxy – or will you be a renegade, a scowling tosspot whose every action runs counter to their overarching goal?

But what about those times where even playing the hero results in unavoidable tragedy? When despite having the best of intentions, you inadvertently make everything worse for those you were sworn to protect?

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