8 TV Shows That Should Be Video Games

Video games take inspiration from many sources. Aside from original narrative titles there are also a huge number of video games that tie in to films, books, and TV shows. Capitalising on existing texts like this provides a good initial platform for developers since they already have complete characters, settings and plotlines available to work with that they can use to influence style of gameplay etc. There are negatives to this strategy as well, though, as the pressure that fans of these shows put on the developers to do justice to their beloved series could mean the risk is one too great to take. In spite of the potential negatives, many TV shows have already been given video game conversions, but there are still a number of series around at the moment that would surely make excellent games for one reason or another. Over the next ten pages we'll give you a few suggestions for potentially excellent games based on TV shows and the reasons why they could be so. Take a look and see what you think. Perhaps there are a few here that you don't think would work, or maybe some shows you think deserve the video game conversion that we haven't included? Hit up the comments and tell us what you think!

8. Fringe

We kick off our list with 'Fringe'; JJ Abrams' critically acclaimed series that focuses on a unique division of the FBI that deals with scientific anomalies and incidents. With the fifth and final season recently premiering in the states, there will soon be a void in the lives of all Fringe fans that they will no doubt be desperate to fill, so what better way than with a video game set in the Fringe universe? This series boasts excellent characters, an intriguing setting and engaging stories both episode to episode and within the overarching story. All of these attributes could lead to an incredibly crafted and engaging video game. A Fringe video game would need to have a strong focus on investigation, but there would be the possibility for some badass action as well - perhaps taking example from the balance struck by Rockstar's 'LA Noire'. A game could follow the events of the story, of perhaps even bring in new cases for Fringe Division to deal with; over the first four seasons Fringe has touched on numerous scientific intrigues such as genetic enhancement and telekinesis. All of these have served their purpose as far as the show is concerned, but there are still a wealth of possibilities that have not yet been explored within these anomalies. The potential for new cases in the Fringe universe or even the option to re-visit some cases from the series would surely prove incredibly exciting for fans of the show. Ultimately Fringe's greatest strength is its characters - each of them are unique, engaging and so perfectly flawed that anyone watching the show cannot help but become emotionally involved. The chance for fans to further explore the appeal of these incredible characters through a more interactive medium like a video game would be an excellent idea, and one that I sincerely hope to see one day.

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