8 Ultra Satisfying Video Game Moments Where You Finally Got Revenge

Best served cold? WELL WE'RE COMING IN HOT!

Jules vs Handsome Jack

Revenge. Retribution. Vengeance. Whatever your personal spin on the concept of an eye for an eye, the story of avenging those who were taken from us by meting out equal and sometimes greater punishments is one that has formed the backbone of some of the greatest narratives ever told. From cinematic outings that follow a ragtag group taking on the world that wronged them, to epic novels about delivering justice to the unjust, we just love seeing people getting their just desserts, which are often served cold.

Plus adding in the personal slant of controlling these characters on their path for revenge makes video game vengeance all the more fun, all the more satisfying. The feeling of pulling the trigger, pressing home the sword, or settling the score in any form through video games is pure catharsis.

Now to be clear, revenge isn't something I'd suggest we do in real life as I'm much more on the side of forgiveness over mailing fingers in the post, but you can't deny that these eight moments weren't completely gratifying through and through.

8. Taking Down Handsome Jack - Borderlands 2

Jules vs Handsome Jack

If there's one bad guy we all absolutely love to hate, it has to be Handsome Jack. The man is so endlessly quotable while being so utterly loathsome that it creates an impossible situation where we want his reign of terror to end, but kinda want to hear at least one more decent line before we pull the trigger.

Throughout the narrative of Borderlands 2 we've seen this smug bastard kill Roland, end up obliterating Bloodwing, terrorise an entire population and lock his daughter up against her will to manipulate her Siren powers. That's enough sh*t for multiple villains, but here he's hoarding it all.

At every step, Jack dogs the party, either throwing a wrench into the works or by taunting them relentlessly, so of course that sort of hatred is going to build to boiling point. Finally, after turning his fabled Warrior inside out, Jack alone is left, begging and seething with rage. When you pop that last round into him and silence his mocking forever, it's more satisfying than a chest containing all orange loot, but at the same time is as empty as this title's end game once you've done all the challenges.

A weird feeling.

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