8 Ultra Satisfying Video Game Moments Where You Finally Got Revenge

7. Catching Up With Edgar Ross - Red Dead Redemption

Jules vs Handsome Jack
Rockstar Games

In one of the best examples of lessons against revenge, Red Dead Redemption offers up a truly pristine moment of gaming that likely won't be topped for a long time.

For while the main narrative is primarily focused on John Marston's quest to do right by his family and make peace with a country he wronged in the past, this is, as the title suggests, REDEMPTION and not revenge. He's trying to replace what he took, rather than return what was taken, and so it falls to his son Jack to fulfil that role.

Come the close of the main game, John has been ventilated hard by the crooked government officials, but he's earned his redemption as he's bought his family a second chance. All Jack sees, however, is one man, Edgar Ross, who leads the group and who he sees as responsible for his father's death.

Cue an epilogue showdown that is soaked in tension and emotion, as Jack finally confronts Edgar and plugs him with round after round. It's the purest form of revenge. No frills, no pomp, just an eye for an eye and an uncertain future for Jack as he now has to move on.


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