8 Video Game Achievements Made IMPOSSIBLE By RNG

Good luck. You're going to need it.

mortal kombat baraka

If there's one thing that is sure to fill gamers with that sweet sense of satisfaction beyond killing a particularly tough boss or beating a savage level that's kicked your ass for ages, it's doing that and then being rewarded for it with a sweet, sweet achievement.

The ring of a trophy popping is like music to our ears, and goes some ways to replenishing the part of our soul that we lost to full completion runs or specifically challenging moments.

Yet there is a dark side to Achievements, something that's not felt fully until you come across one that works in conjunction with plain, dumb luck.

'Cheevs that are based on RNG are like the Devils own, rewarding you for being in the right place at the right time and screw you with a fork if you're anything else. These moments can drag out games to breaking point, utterly demoralize players, or worse still, make them reach for their wallets to try and bypass some of the frustration, and trust me that totally happens.

So gather round and let's get spicy as we pray to the Gods of RNG for a digital lottery ticket.

8. Collect 20 Legendary Vault Dwellers - Fallout Shelter

mortal kombat baraka

So let me ask you something. Do you like paying for your achievements? No? Of course, you don't my friend because you're a normal person who sees this is utterly insane, and yet, games like Fallout Shelter exist, which basically paywall entire achievements seeing as this is the purebred horror of RNG AND Microtransactions!

Now to give the game some credit, acquiring 20 different rare Vault Dwellers which drop from the game's loot box-I-mean-LUNCHbox reward system can theoretically be done without spending a penny. It's just going to take you one hell of a long time to do this seeing as Legendary Vault Dwellers have a 3.8% chance of dropping and only one card in each pack you unlock possesses the chance to even roll that low percentage check.

Therefore trying to 100 percent this game almost requires a bit of cash injection to help speed things up, which is exactly what Bethesda wants, and it makes an otherwise brilliantly fun title utterly greasy with corporate oiling. Hard pass.


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