8 Video Game Achievements Made IMPOSSIBLE By RNG

7. Luck Be A Lady - Mortal Kombat 9

mortal kombat baraka

If anything hammers home the point that leaving things up to chance in video games absolutely sucks, look no further than when a title decides to lock an achievement behind a slot machine-style piece of "gameplay".

In a literal case of just pressing a button and crossing your fingers, achievements like "Hitting The Jackpot" in Bioshock, "Jackpot!" in Borderlands 2, and "Luck Be A Lady" from Mortal Kombat 9 waste your money and your time as you sink in cash again and again.

Hell "Luck Be A Lady" is even worse than the others seeing as you can only take part in this slot machine madness in "Test Your Luck" Sections, and the game can be rigged from the start so that the Dragon Symbols you need to match might not even spawn on the reels themselves, rending it literally impossible. COOL.

Jesus, I'd even take the slot machine shenanigans from Space Quest over this bullsh*t, and lest we not forget this was a slot machine that could end up killing you with a laser beam if you were super unlucky.


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