8 Video Game Bloopers The Developers LEFT IN

Hilarious gaming mistakes you were supposed to see.

La Noire bloopers
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Video games are made by people, and people, as we know, are flawed. When an actor flubs their lines, that take usually hits the bin within the same second - and rightly so, you might think. But where would be the fun in that?

Everybody loves a good blooper reel. Films and TV shows have been entertaining us with these catastrophic compilations for decades, providing a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at how the big stars handle - or, should I say, mishandle - their craft.

You don't often get this sort of thing in a video game, however, as there's normally no physical set for the actors to goof around on. But does that stop them? I think not!

The results are sometimes so hilarious that they make it onto the finished game, be it as unlockable bonus content or even in-game easter eggs that can only be found under specific conditions.

Some developers take this further still, creating all-new animated sequences to go over the top of these voice actor bloopers, and in some cases, once you've seen them, it's impossible to view the game in quite the same light again.

And that's certainly not a bad thing.

8. Destroy All Humans! (2005)

A game that doesn't take itself too seriously is the perfect breeding ground for hilarious outtakes, and in the case of 2005's sci-fi shooter spoof, Destroy All Humans!, the leftover recordings of the voice actors' antics were simply too priceless to toss aside.

While not actually within the game's narrative, this blooper reel is included in the extras menu and features almost four minutes of unused dialogue clips over a slideshow of funny pre-release images.

While looking at the unfortunate glitchy scenes from the game's development, it's endlessly entertaining hearing the voice actors repeatedly botch their delivery, trip over their words or simply ditch the script to go off on their own whimsical tangents.

What really makes this reel, though, are the handful of impressions these actors throw out, vamping hilariously as everyone from Rocky Balboa to Smithers and Mr. Burns. Bet you didn't expect that when you clicked on the video - but would the game be quite the same if the developers had left it out?

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