8 Video Game Characters Who Made THE WORST Decisions

7. Actually Returning To Work - Five Nights At Freddy's

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Scott Cawthon

So let me set the scene for you.

You're an underpaid, overworked security room operator for a small-town pizzeria. The shifts are long, unsociable, and barely compensated enough for you to justify getting out of bed for any of this. Sounds pretty rough to begin with right? Well now on top of this let's add in some mechanical animals that not only patrol the restaurant in horrendously creepy fashion but also have a penchant for EATING PEOPLE.

Why would you ever, EVER want to step foot in that establishment? let alone work for them and choose to come back night after night. However, this is exactly the decision that our un-named and unknown security guard makes each night when they accept a shift in this hell hole.

There's even a horrifying trial of messages left for you by the other employee at Freddy Fasbears, who even ends up DYING WHILE RECORDING A MESSAGE TO SEND TO YOU....AND YOU STILL COME BACK.

I know the job market is rough but come on there has to be something else!

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