8 Video Game Characters Who Made THE WORST Decisions

6. Getting In The Way Of The Doom Slayer - DOOM 2016 + DOOM Eternal

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If there's one thing, that every single video game villain, NPC, and even other heroes should make sure never to do, it's that they should never, under any circumstances, get in the way of The DOOM Slayer.

This walking mass of aggressive muscle is not the most delicate of souls, and is just as likely to rip and tear through his own kind as he is the forces of Hell themselves. He's got a mission, and that's to send demons back to where they came from with extreme force using an arsenal that would put many other games to shame, so you best make sure that he's never aiming the barrel at you.

Some people, however, just haven't got the message or a bloody clue what they were doing, such as Olivia Pierce, who thought it would be a great idea to sell out humanity by making a pact with the demons of Hell. Bad idea, as not only does this mean the cleanup crew of the Mars research facility is going to be working overtime for weeks, but it also means that Olivia put herself on the top spot of the Slayers hit list.

Even with the demonic power of a Spider Mastermind under her control, Pierce is no match for the Slayer.

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