8 Video Game Comebacks We FINALLY Got (With A Twist)

They're back... but not as you remember.

Crash Bandicoot skylanders

What, as a video game fan, is the hardest thing about being a video game fan?

Is it the absolute horror show of cheap and unfair bosses? The ever-present challenge to complete games that are slowly building up in our libraries like water behind a swollen damn?

Or is it having to distance yourself from hardcore sections of the industry that give the rest of us a bad name?

Actually, the true answer is: Waiting.

Seriously, the amount of time we spend waiting for video games to come out makes up about 90% of the actual experience.

The anticipation, the tension, the squeezing of every single shred of information from developers to satiate our needs. It all combines to make this glorious tedium of hype and frustration, and sometimes the wait between games can be years, decades even, with the pain only growing across each passing day.

Pining for a video game franchise to return is one thing, but sometimes we get our prayers answered in the weirdest of ways, with video games returning to market looking completely different or under the guise of something else.

They technically count, but diehard fans were often left rather confused.

8. Conker Returns... For Hololens

Crash Bandicoot skylanders

One of the most charming things about Rare's foul-mouthed mascot Conker was that he was quite unlike anything that had come before him. Sure he'd started his days as an extra driver likely used to pad out the selection in Diddy Kong Racing, but soon he was peeling out his own adventure in Conkers Bad Fur Day.

Fans and critics adored the blend of platforming action and puerile humor and the blue content ended up making Conker a red hot start. Problem was is that Rare, for reasons entirely their own did absolutely nothing with the poor chap after this stonker of a hit, leaving the squirrel to sit on his nuts for well over a decade.

Things appeared to be on the up when Microsoft purchased Rare back in 2002 as big M announced they had plans for all IPs under their banner, yet nobody could have predicted that the company was going to use Conker in order to shift their ungodly abomination known as The Hololens.

This shaky step into Mixed Reality was handled about as well as Conkers redesign, who now went under the name of "Young Conker", but to fans was more commonly known as "WHAT THE HELL HAVE THEY DONE TO MY BOY?!"

This sanitized and shoddy-looking iteration was routinely mocked, and thanks to the tech landing like a bellyflop into a pool of rusty nails killed Young Conker stone dead once more.


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