8 Video Game Comebacks We FINALLY Got (With A Twist)

7. Crash Bandicoot Returns... In Skylanders

Crash Bandicoot skylanders

The moment that Sony unveiled the PS4, fans around the world began asking some pretty serious questions, not about the consoles specs or backwards compatibility mind you, but a more low guttural chant that sometimes rose at the end in a quizzical tone.


The rituals had begun, the prophecy had foretold the orange ones return, now on this new console, surely Sony and whichever publisher was hot potato'ing the series at the time would give us a brand new Crash Bandicoot experience?

Well, the prophecy was correct, but not in the way that many were thinking.

You see, while Crash is enjoying something of a renaissance nowadays, the first actual PS4 outing for the Bandicoot... was in Skylanders as a piece of DLC.

Yes, that right, all those years waiting finally leading to some mediocre stages in a rather mediocre expansion of the Skylanders series. Admittedly the figures of Crash and company were brilliant, but it's a wet fart experience to think that this was his return to the mainstream.

Ah well, at least Toys for Bob came good on the concept of Crash years later.


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