8 Video Game Console Design Flaws That Made Us Rage

For $500 you'd imagine they'd test the console before release!

xbox 360 red ring of death

Buying a new console has the power to make grown men and women feel like a kid on Christmas morning. We anxiously wait for a big box to get delivered by the postman (who better not be late on today of all days), we savour that €˜new€™ smell when we open it before hastily setting everything up and turning on our new toy for the first time.

There are so many questions racing through our minds at this moment: what will the first boot screen look like? Will it be as awesome as everyone says? Will the mind-blowing graphics melt our retinas? Wait, why isn't it doing anything? And what's that burning smell? Indeed, there's nothing quite like the frustration and rage we feel when something we've spent our hard-earned cash doesn't work properly.

Worse still, it works for a while and brings you so much joy that you essentially have a miniature nervous breakdown when it suddenly dies on you a few days out of warranty. When console hardware is concerned, fate can be a cruel mistress. Even the best consoles aren't going to last forever. Chances are you're going to run into problems with yours at some point, even if you treat it with more love and care than any pet or family member. The following 10 consoles have design flaws have frustrated us, disappointed us, and sometimes turned us into blubbing wrecks. It's time for revenge.


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