8 Video Game Console Design Flaws That Made Us Rage

8. Nintendo 64 - That Loose Analog Stick

The Nintendo 64's controller was always a bit of an odd thing.

Its three-pronged design was great for mutants with three hands, but was a bit baffling for everyone else. The amount of incredible games (Lylat Wars, Ocarina Of Time, Perfect Dark, Conker's Bad Fur Day, the list goes on) meant that gamers definitely got a fair bit of mileage out of the machine.

Unfortunately, the analog stick was simply not up to the task of being subjected to repeated marathon sessions. Over time the analog stick would begin to loosen, until eventually its default position would be leaning slightly in one direction. It made playing games a complete pain, as you'd constantly have to compensate for the analog stick not being in its neutral position.

The N64 was famed for its multiplayer, and this crucial design flaw made matches on Goldeneye unfair, as one poor bugger would always get lumped with the dodgy controller that constantly made their character go left (and straight into a proximity mine).


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