8 Video Game Deaths That Just Didn't Work

Oh, how little we cared about thee.

Borderlands 3 Lillith snuffs it

Death is a pretty common, and often very effective storytelling trope. Whether it's used as a motivating factor for the protagonist or as a means to deliver some nice and chunky exposition, death, it seems, is just the start of many a hero's adventures.

That being said, not every demise is deemed worthy as a lot of films, TV shows and of course video games often misjudge how to send characters off into the great beyond, instead coming across as lazy, boring and sometimes even morbidly hilarious.

You won't find the likes of Aunt May calling it a day or Lee from The Walking Dead saying goodbye on this list because these deaths were just silly through and through. Hell, some of them were instantly reversed which makes it even worse!

So let's bury these supposedly emotional endings six feet deep lest they try and rise again in the pits of our stomach.

8. Trish - Devil May Cry

Borderlands 3 Lillith snuffs it

With all of the demon ass-kicking that goes on in the Devil May Cry games, it's sometimes easy to forget that at their heart it's a tale of sibling rivalry and a whole lot of daddy Issues. However, you don't need to brave these hardships alone as you soon encounter series fan favorite, Trish.

Trish is an absolute badass. She cracks wise and uses them thighs to kick the everloving piss out of demons throughout your adventure, and it seems that even cool poser boy Dante might actually have found someone as early 2000s X-treme as him. The growing tension between the two is used as a motivator for the final fight with Dante's deadbeat dad Mundus, as it's revealed that Trish has been working with this claymation looking big bad, yet chooses to jump in the way of one of his attacks to protect Dante.

This shocking death allows Dante to unleash the beast and send his father out for cigarettes permanently. Now at this point, this is all well and good, and Trish's untimely end feels pretty emotional and we can close out the tale in a bittersweet manner, right?

Well...that's kinda undone by this one following line: "I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIGHT"

Ooof. That... that really takes some of the heat out of that moment, doesn't it? You're meant to be sad here, not giggling at Drew Coombs' voice breaking.

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