8 Video Game Decisions NOBODY Made Their First Time

Choices. Choices. Maybe not that one.

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Choices. Choices. Choices.

There sure are a lot of them in video games, aren't there?

From deciding who lives or dies, which routes to travel down - and of course the myriad of options regarding personal appearance for your avatar - it can feel like you're committing to something you may regret somewhere down the line.

Thankfully, most video games will give you options to course-correct, or otherwise pull yourself out of a path that might lead to something bad.

Across the board though, there are some video game decisions you just can't call, for better or worse.

8. Pure Guts! - Persona 5

ninja gaiden

One of the most fascinating things about Persona 5, outside of its charming characters, and sheer hefty girth, was that the game states, pretty much from the outset that you're going to want to play through the game again in order to see and do everything possible.

It does this by offering you choices that you can't actually make the first go around, leaving you wondering what would have happened if you'd just been that little bit gutsier or had a specific social bond maxed out. This tease eats away at you across your near 100-hour playthrough and come the close you'll be firing the game back up again to see all the minutiae that have changed along the way.

From being able to dodge chalk being thrown at you, to being able to stand up for yourself early on, the tone shift is pretty incredible, as now instead of playing the fish out of water, you're the main hero anime character you always dreamed of being!

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