8 Video Game Decisions NOBODY Made Their First Time

7. Renegade For Life! - Mass Effect 3

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If there's one thing the Mass Effect series is known for, outside of shaking that space booty on the dance floor, is the ludicrous amounts of choices made available to the player. From who you take back to your private quarters, to species you can relentlessly f**k over, it was possible to tread the line fantastic between utter bastard and pure paragon good two pipes.

However, one choice that came as a bit of a surprise to players in Mass Effect 2 when it came to the, let's just call him "passionate", the character of Conrad Werner. This Super Shepard fanboy approaches you in Mass Effect one hoping that some of your legendary space tales will rub off on him, but does so in such a manner that it feels that he just wants to rub upon you for a hot minute.

Therefore you're left with some options to tell him to calm down either verbally or at gunpoint. Now true Paragons wouldn't ever draw a firearm on a fan so will likely choose to end things calmly, however here's the issue. The game actually incorrectly saves your response, meaning that when Mass Effect 2 rolled around, Werner acts like you always pointed a gun at him and is understandably snippy as a result.

Therefore, in a rather twisted manner, until the Legendary Edtion fixed this, nobody made the Paragon choice because there wasn't one available to them!

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