8 Video Game Details That Went TOO FAR

Last of Us 2's pupils dilate... WHY?!

the last of us 2 eyes
Naughty Dog

In the past, we’ve covered a lot of video games with details that, for lack of better words are downright pointless.

Now, those amongst the highbrow community will argue that features like ants having their own mini-society in Skyrim and water from fish tanks only draining down to the point where they were shot in Splinter Cell are “immersive” they do little actually impact the game beyond being a moment of “oooh that….must have taken some time”.

Yet, sometimes developers can get so hung up on the details that they actually go a little too far, either presenting horrifying situations for the player, genuinely dusting moments or just being extremely odd.

They say that the Devil is in the detail, and when considering the dark, depressing or downright gross content we’re about to cover today, you have to imagine Satan himself rubbing his paws together at the thought of what’s to come, so let’s not keep Big Red waiting and dive into details that truly went too far.

8. Horse Testicles React To Weather - Red Dead Redemption 2

the last of us 2 eyes

You knew it was going to be on this list so let’s get those big swollen meat balloons out of the way early doors, yes, for some reason or another the devs working on Red Dead Redemption II thought it would be pertinent to include horse testicles growing and shrinking depending on the weather.

I know that the players spend a lot of time on horseback throughout the experience but I doubt any bar a select few were spending those journeys gazing at their steeds !*$%, and to be honest unless you’re a vet or an actual ranch owner I really don’t want to hear your reasons for staring either.

What was quite comical about this whole affair however was that some real-world horse owners pointed out that this “detail” was actually incorrect seeing as the real-world equestrian equivalent doesn’t “bounce as much” meaning that Rockstar was perhaps a little too enamored with these meat marbles.


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