8 Video Game Ending Fates Worse Than Death

You have no mouth and must scream.

dead by daylight dying forever
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We’ve seen plenty of terrible fates before, ranging from those befalling NPCs throughout a game’s narrative to those that you yourself encounter should you step wrong somewhere along the line.

It’s a special kind of sad, however, when a game ends on a particularly bad fate. There’s a finality to it, a certainty that you can’t avoid it and that your journey has come to its end on a very sour note.

These fates are relegated to the end of the playthrough, ensuring that your last moments of enjoying the game are coloured by your experience of the unfortunate end. With other fates lists there’s usually a range of victims, but in this case it seems that more specifically the player character has to suffer. And we know that when it’s your character that suffers, you feel it more.

Ranging in severity from emotional distress to all-out eternal torture, fates facing characters at the end of video games can be very creative and unpredictable. Luckily for me that means there are plenty of nasty moments to choose from, and plenty for you to enjoy.

8. Myst - Being Trapped In A Book Forever

dead by daylight dying forever

Of the three possible endings to Myst, two of them end with you getting stranded forever inside a book. Which book you end up stuck in, however, is up to you.

In the end you can choose to favor Atrus, the author of the books you’ve met along the way who is trapped in the green book, or one of his sons: Sirrus or Achenar, both of whom suspiciously tried to convince you that Atrus was dead and to please not touch the green book.

The better of the two possibilities occurs when you make a mistake, choosing to go to Atrus without a way to go back or free either yourself or him. It’s a stupid move and it’s a bad outcome to find yourself trapped forever, but at least you would have company in a very angry author.

Should you mess up catastrophically badly though, you will be imprisoned forever alone inside the prison book - having allowed one of the horrible sons of Atrus to be free in your place. This is arguably the worst ending, in that not only have you let one of the baddies walk free but you’ve also condemned yourself to lonely imprisonment.


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