8 Video Game Endings That Had More Questions Than Answers

8. Life Is Strange

Square Enix

Square Enix's Life Is Strange is one of those games that sticks with you. Told episodically from the viewpoint of Max - a high school student who discovers she can turn back time after she saves a girl from getting shot - you're thrust into the heart of a dark murder mystery that threatens the very fabric of space and time itself. That, and surviving high school. Both are equally hard.

At the end of the game, you're faced with two distinct options: save Chloe, the wild child you've reconnected with and begun to love after rewinding to prevent her murder, or save your home town and everyone in it from instant destruction at the hands of a supernatural storm, conjured up from disrupting space and time with your rewind abilities. It's definitively the hardest choice you'll have to make, boiling down to saving the bay, or saving bae.

But what exactly happens once you've condemned a township or your love to destruction? If you save the bay, will the tornado come back since there's such a massive time jump? If you save Chloe, will she continue to be plagued by death? Why is one person's life so integral to how the universe functions? How exactly does Max live her life after losing her home or Chloe?

Life Is Strange doesn't really attempt to answer anything further than a simple wrap up to your choice - but dear god, is there so much more tugging at the edges.

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