8 Video Game Endings That Made You Say WHAT?!

Confusing, confounding... to be continued?

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No matter how good a piece of entertainment is, be it a play, movie or indeed video game, if the project can't stick the landing then this will be all the audience can talk about on their exit.

So many projects have had the wheels come off in the final act , only to slide to a horrible halt just before the finish line.

Even in a medium where quite literally anything is possible, video games have also suffered the shameful sting of a stinky ending or two.

More than that, some video game endings are so downright confusing, illogical, or downright off the wall that cast the credits begin to roll all you are able to do is feel your jaw slacken in amazement and utter that well worn battle cry of "WHAT?!"

So come with us on a journey of the meaningless and sometimes mad endings that kept you up at night wondering what the hell the developers were thinking, as these closers often left us with more questions than answers.

8. Ecco: The Tides Of Time

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Ecco the dolphin is such a strange game, isn't it? From the outset, you'd be likely led to believe that the title was going to be a relaxed and rather chill affair with maybe a light dousing of puzzles here and there thanks to the rather calming opening stage, but if you're to take even a cursory glance over at the later levels you might feel you brain drip out of your ear.

Time travel? Atlantis? ALIENS?! It might be the case that your "WHAT?!" limit has already been broken by the events of the original game, but trust me you've not seen anything yet, as the sequel Tides Of Time, takes weird and gets freaky with it.

Come the close of the second game, you've chased the Alien Vortex Queen back through time to try and stop her from contaminating all of life so that she will rule the world in the future.

This backfires for the Queen as she's sent into the Prehistoric Era and finds she's unable to control the animals of this time, and thus ends up being absorbed into the time stream once more.

Huzzah! Ecco's saved the day right?! Well...kind of? I mean Ecco did fail to stop the queen and it was just sheer luck that she couldn't enact her plan, but at least our porpoise adjacent pal can go home to be with his pod right?

Wait what do you mean he's using the time machine to just disappear into an unknown era? Why? What's the plan, my man? Hello? Oh, brilliant the games over and there's no rhyme or reason given for any of this. Cheers.

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