8 Video Game Endings That Made You Say WHAT?!

7. The Matrix: Path Of Neo

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When it comes to The Matrix franchise, fans are pretty much used to being screwed with on a continual basis, as after all if you can't even trust that the steak you're eating is real how the hell can you trust anything you see or hear beyond that?

Still even the Wachowskis managed to find another way to utterly scramble your brain when it came to their Path of Neo video game, which for the most part retells the biggest action set pieces and fights from across the series.

Yet, just as you're about to batter Agent Smith into base elements and go all martyr on his ass, the Wachowskis themselves interject into the video game to inform you that all that "Jesus stuff" in a video game would make for a boring ending.

Therefore they propose that instead of watching Neo sacrifice himself, that you will now take on a monstrous Agent Smith made of all the other copies of him and about half a city block. If this sudden departure from the expected ending doesn't leave you reeling, then the sight of this Mecha-Smith putting on a pair of giant prop sunglasses and smiling before the battle begins certainly will.

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