8 Video Game Enemies That Required Perfect Playing To Beat

Nothing less than perfection.

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In life, outside of a crisp cheese toastie and possibly a warm bath after a hard day's work, very few things are what you'd call perfect.

We're human and as such our flaws are often present in many aspects of our lives, and I'm not harshing on our species as it's in these imperfections that one often finds the true beauty of humanity, but when it comes to video games, computers and code don't deal in "I see what you were trying there pal".

Instead in many cases victory and defeat in video game form can come from just one or two key decisions, and as such there are examples where players need to play in an utterly perfect fashion, with zero mistakes being made lest you be booted back to the start all over again.

From one-hit kill enemies to tight time constraints, to some games being just downright unfair to players, there are more than a few examples where anything less than perfection resulted in abject defeat.

8. Lou - Guitar Hero 3

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God damn this devilishly hard boss.

That's likely a less swear infused version of what many players screamed at their TVs while trying to beat the final boss of the absolutely stonking Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of Rock title, as while this right unit of red hellfire is one cool customer to look at, he sure will roast your coals quickly if you're not playing on point.

Set to the tune of The Charlie Daniels Band's cover of "Devil Went Down To Georgia" this battle is one that will make your fingers and gums bleed as you lose skin to furious shredding and teeth to sheer frustration.

On Expert difficulty, things will go South so quickly if you miss more than a few notes, something which is compounded greatly by Lou slinging debuffs your way such as obscuring notes or killing access to your fretboard until you can smash the whammy bar back and forth.

In fact, it's down to these powerups that this entry appears on this list, as you will NEED to play perfectly through these sections to survive Lou's onslaught as well as to earn your own counterattack. Take too long and the song will end in your defeat as well as simply risking the chance for more mistakes so you need to hit those powerups HARD and do so with perfection.

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