8 Video Game Enemies Who Stole Your Moves

7. The Mimic Tear - Elden Ring

corvus thymesia

Now if we're being honest, there's one being above all in the Elden Ring experience that is a dirty little thief of moves and abilities, and it's not one controlled by the game's AI. It's you.

I mean let's face facts here, you're wearing armor salvaged off the dead, wielding weapons you ripped out of the hands of enemies, and are using abilities and special moves that are literally copied from other foes. You're basically the master at ripping other people off!

Still, if we take the player off the table for the moment and focus on imitating enemies then you can't really ignore the presence of The Mimic Tear, an optional boss fight that looks you up and down as you enter it's battle arena and says "I'll have what they're having thank you kindly". Producing an exact mirror image of the player, The Mimic Tear really does highlight any weaknesses in your build as it will use all your best moves, spells, and abilities against you without a worry, and it's quite embarrassing to be beaten by yourself in short order lemme tell you.

Now of course, players soon found out that by de-equipping all your loot before the fight that the Mimic Tear would be be crying for real as it spawned in with just a dirty loincloth to its name, but still for those who experienced this fresh without warning, it was arguably the hardest fight in the game! Actually, that's a lie it's Malenia, it's always Malenia.

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