8 Video Game Enemies Who Stole Your Moves

6. Royce - Transistor

corvus thymesia
Supergiant Games

"Who should go first? How about....me."

This line may not sound like much on paper, but trust me for anyone who's played the unbelievably well-crafted Transistor, this is the line in which your arse well and truly fell out and hit the floor, as here, in this final confrontation with Royce, he pulls the unthinkable, and stops time itself to line up attacks against you which are exact copies of your abilities.

Now of course this makes sense in the grand scheme of things seeing as you are both well accustomed to using the great blade known as The Transistor, but to see this moment play out while you can do absolutely nothing is supremely terrifying. Thankfully you're soon able to act yourself and ply a tonne of attacks onto Royce, but the danger he represents is a level above any other enemy simply because you know how powerful your own abilities are.

On the plus side, even if you lose you'll be able to listen to that outstanding boss theme again. Seriously it's brilliant.

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