8 Video Game Enemies Who Stole Your Moves


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Nobody likes a copycat.

Whether having to protect your homework from the strained peepers of the kid next to you looking to score an easy answer, to the absolute plum duff of a family member who steals your joke by saying the punchline louder and getting all the credit (I'm not bitter, Uncle Peter, I swear), it's never nice to have your hard work essentially copy-pasted by another.

Especially if they get rewarded for all your efforts.

Still, it's an unfortunate truth that many will see their work "borrowed" by colleagues and have their names lost to the sands of time as a result. At least video games are counter to this right?! After all here it's your actions that will see the world saved, your powers that will topple the big evil and, your powers that are now totally being used by some enemy or boss against you!?!

Wait what was that last part?

Looks like even here in the digital realm your style is being aped. Great.

8. The Alien - Astro-Bot Rescue Mission

corvus thymesia
SIE Japan Studio

While not being as challenging as some other boss fights on this list, the challenge presented by the Alien in the charmingly fun Astrobot Rescue Mission really deserves some attention, as here not only do you have to contend with the big green menace, but also do battle against your own gadgets.

As a PSVR title looking to show off all the advancements of the PS5, the game is designed from the ground up to engage the player through specific actions and motions of the controller.

With the DualShock controller you'll be able to throw Ninja Stars, dowse enemies in water, and even illuminate the way ahead by using it as a flashlight. In short, it's quite a powerful tool, and more than a little surprising to see this utter tool get its own evil red version and use it against you!

Suddenly this becomes a gauntlet of memorization, of knowing how to counter your own attacks and when using how they work to avoid damage, and much like everything in this brilliant little title makes for a memorable experience that you simply won't find elsewhere.

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