8 Video Game Enemies You Never Got To Fight!

6. The Illusive Man - Mass Effect 2

Illusive Man Mass Effect 2

There are very few video game villains that I want to sock in the mouth as much as The Illusive Man from the Mass Effect series, as while many titles will tell me that my character wants to see their end, the Illusive Man was so well acted, so cunning in his plan and so bloody untouchable that it made me want to throw him headfirst into that dying star he so loves to use as his personal desktop background.

Thanks to the almighty Martin Sheen breathing life into the character, each interaction with the steel-haired hound at the head of Cerberus is a tense exchange of words and wit, and no matter how much it may feel like you're getting one over on this smug prick, he always seems to be one step ahead and you always leave the conversation on a mission at his behest before realizing "wait did he just play me?"

And play you he shall, for this absolute top tier racist will always find a way to wind his goals of Human supremacy into your own quest to rescue the galaxy, and annoyingly he seems to gain more and more power directly in contrast to how close the universe comes to its doom. Therefore it's quite reasonable to want to wipe this specific sheen off his veneers, however illusive by name, elusive by nature, which means you only actually meet the man once at the end of Mass Effect 3 where cutscene choices spell his end.

Now to be honest I'd usually complain about this, but it was actually very fitting to use dialogue choices to finish him off, as this was the same weapon he wielded against you for nearly two whole games at this point.

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