8 Video Game Enemies You Never Got To Fight!

5. The Mecha Of Madness - Alice: Madness Returns

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So I think at this point in time, stating that Alice: Madness Returns is a weird game is like saying that Mara from Shin Megami Tensai looks a bit like a penis, quite the throbbing understatement.

Taking an already off the wall IP like Alice In Wonderland and applying a level of dark fantasy that would make even Tim Burton sweat is always going to be a recipe for oddity, yet things got even more strange in the boss battle against The Doormouse and The March Hare thanks to some real-life issues the developer Spicy Horse was facing.

Due to budget and time constraints, several sections of the game had to be trimmed or scrapped altogether, and the battle against the mad Tea Party members was unfortunately one of these that got a rather hefty trim. Yet instead of the battle being trashed altogether the devs thought they'd have some fun with the "scrapping" concept and presented a boss battle that is literally turned to scrap before the action even begins!

Rising up in a giant metal mecha, the pair laugh maniacally at your situation, but just as things look to get kicked off, a giant teapot lands on the device which falls apart and knocks out both enemies leading to an unexpectedly efficient solution to a real-world problem.

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