8 Video Game Exploits We ALL Used

Popular hacks that made games even better.

gta 3 dodo

Of all the ways to play video games, sometimes you just need to go one step further than what the developers intended.

Where even cheat codes are fun additions the team support from launch - having coded them into the experience in some form - exploits are a whole other ball game.

Coming in the form of world-breaking boundary jumps that let players explore further than they were supposed to, or maybe access lives or ammunition in a way that breaks the game, some of the fondest memories in gaming can come from communal chaos in code form.

Once a fandom or wider player base has caught onto a popular exploit and you're actively worse off for not using it, that puts the devs in a precarious position.

Do you embrace the bizarrely enjoyable glitch; immortalising it in a sequel or refusing to patch it out, or leave it in there and say "It's not a bug, it's a feature"?

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Gaming Editor

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