8 Video Game Exploits We ALL Used

8. Sword Flying - Halo 2

halo sword flying

The glory days of Xbox Live were a furtive time for experimentation across titles like Burnout 3: Takedown and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, but it was Halo 2 that became a runaway must-play.

Bungie's middle instalment might have ended its campaign on a disappointing cliffhanger, but seeing console owners play their first FPS online? That was something truly special.

Scores of exploits emerged, just from the sheer amount of people playing and experimenting with what was on offer. There were those who zipped around the map at light speed thanks to a lag glitch brought on by blipping their connection, but by far the most fun and widely-used was "Sword Flying".

Done by targeting someone while equipping the Energy Sword from close-range and then cancelling the lunge before you kill them, you could use the exploit to reach higher and higher planes, eventually escaping some levels altogether.

Discovering just how much of these environments were coded as usable surfaces was genuinely mind-blowing, and something that only elevated how much fun Halo 2 online could be.

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