8 Video Game Exploits We ALL Used

7. Baskets On Heads - Skyrim

Skyrim Bucket Trick

A trick so good, Bethesda included it in every version of Skyrim, props to whoever figured out that every merchant in Tamriel has an active "vision cone", and that it can be obscured.

Obscured by what, you ask? Your incredibly deft skills as a thief?

Nope, just a basket. Any basket-shaped item will do, as you need to hold the right stick to grab it, then awkwardly place the basket on a merchant's head.

They won't react no matter how stupid this setup looks, but once your basket is in place, you're free to rob the place blind.

Merchants can't report crimes they can't see, and Bethesda never coded any animation or realisation on their side to remove the obstacle.

If you want to make money fast in Skyrim, sure you can endlessly smith daggers to get the Daedric Armour, or you can run around with a dedicated wicker accomplice and make a mint in half the time.

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Gaming Editor

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