8 Video Game Franchises That Do The Same Thing Every Time

Another eccentric monologuing villain? It has to be Far Cry...


Any long running franchise is bound to have some repeating features throughout all its instalments. That's partly what makes it a franchise. But when it comes to video games you can often find that once a company finds a gimmick that they can easily rely on, they're unlikely to give anything else a go.

This can become tiring fast as you soon realise that the last three games of a beloved franchise all just share the same qualities, often with a different skin and minor improvements, but always with that same $60 (soon to be $70) price-tag.

The games become less about trying to take players somewhere new with their experience, and instead they choose the safe route and rely on what they think works.

These gimmicks may be to do with the gameplay or story or it might be repetitive practices that the developers and publishers use to stir media attention towards the game. Some games are worse than others however, to the point where there are clear gimmicks that the companies are relying on for their games. Once you've spotted it, it's pretty hard to ignore too.

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