8 Video Game Items That Are 100% USELESS

7. The Voice Box - Unreal

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Epic Games

In the world of Unreal Tournament, you have to think fast or you're going to die faster. I feel like that should be a movie tagline.

In the heat of battle, every precious second spent not planning your next move might as well be spent digging your own grave as the speed with which other players can appear and turn your face into preserve is shocking to say the least.

Therefore in order to stay rooted to Terra Firma you'll have to utilize all the tricks and traps the game offers you, which makes the Voice Box seem like a real trump card for your arsenal as the game's description lists this as an item that can distract enemies allowing for you to get the drop on them.

Yet this trump card turns into a bit of a brown note upon using it in the single-player campaign because while the item does exactly what it's supposed to and makes more noise than a cat in a washing machine, the developers forgot to program this effect to actually work on enemies. This means you're likely the only one affected by this screeching which will likely become the soundtrack to your death as the enemies just look at the device, look at you, and then unload everything they have.

Now in truth, this item does have its uses in the multiplayer offering but still when it comes to the single-player? 100% Useless my friend.


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