8 Video Game Levels That Destroyed Your Childhood

The rose tinted glasses were smashed by these horrifyingly difficult levels.

Naughty Dog

It's a safe assumption that if you're reading this, video games mean something to you.

Whether you're on the side of video games as an art form, or just love bursting heads like grapes in twitchy first-person shooters, it doesn't matter as long as we feel connected to them in some form or another.

In fact, it's probably not much of a stretch to say that video games in our formative years especially, made our childhoods, and we can all look back with rose-tinted glasses of the first time we played Mario 64, or Sonic, or even that loveable rogue Voodoo Vince (I'm kidding he sucked).

That being said, some video games out there weren't interested in making our childhoods but breaking them instead, and these cheeky whippets even did so under the guise of being games made for kids but possessing brutally difficult moments that even our adult selves would struggle to beat.

So let's take a barefoot walk down a memory lane made of broken glass, as things are about to get dark.


Article adapted from WhatCulture Gaming's Youtube channel - watch here!


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