8 Video Game Levels That Destroyed Your Childhood

7. All Of Superman 64

Crash bandicoot high road ps1
Titus Interactive SA

Do you know what the worst thing is about Superman 64? It's actually not the abysmal opening section of this pathetic title, but the fact that IT NEVER, EVEN FOR A SECOND, GETS ANY BETTER.

I hate this game with all my being, to the point that if Beezleblob himself said that if I gave him my firstborn in order to turn Superman 64 into a living being so that I might be able to kick the s**t out of it, I'd be packing the wee lads lunch and chucking it down into hell before breakfast.

There was nothing more disheartening than getting through those bastard rings, only to die at the next segment, which itself only gave you six seconds to stop a car crash, and be sent right back to the start controlling this bloated meat blimp that the game calls Superman once more.

Adults the world over still lament at playing this game, so imagine the sheer reality shattering moment of playing through this as a kid, something that was a pretty common occurance seeing as this game was bundled and shilled hard at Christmas in 1999.


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