8 Video Game Levels That Destroyed Your Childhood

6. Bart Simpson Vs The World - The North Pole

Crash bandicoot high road ps1

I genuinely get heart palpitations thinking about this level. I tried, died and cried so many times trying to complete this one section that it's forever embedded in my brain as one of the worst gaming experiences of my life.

The stupid thing is, is that looking at The North Pole level now as an adult, I can see the terrible gameplay mechanics that worked against me at every single step to the point where I'd never ever CHOOSE to play this section.

I mean why the hell would I want to put up with randomly falling ice spikes, playforms that required the aim of Hawkeye to land, jumping mechanics that seem to freeze and lock you in place for a split second before allowing you to move forward, or ever want to play through a section that saw me having to dodge obstacles on a moving raft of ice which makes the water sections in Super Ghosts n' Goblins look easy?

Ice levels are bad enough, but this? This was torture! And to wrap it all up with the warming glow of The Simpsons branding makes it even worse. We thought we were getting Simpsons Seasons 1-6 but we were delivered something as painful as Simpsons Season 20. Woof.


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