8 Video Game Moments That Made You Go....WHAT?!

Unbelievable, Unconceivable Moments In Video Games.

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Video games, as a medium, have become absolute experts in emotional manipulation over the years. From their use of music, dramatic narratives, and of course shock surprises, video game developers hold our hearts in the palm of their hands and have no qualms about poking here and there just for the fun of it.

They can make us laugh, cry, cause our hearts to explode with adrenaline, and of course make us recoil in fear. However, amidst all of these are the moments when video games, whether intentionally or not, simply make us shake our heads in disbelief, and whether through exasperation, confusion, or downright disgust, lead us to utter "What?!"

And it's just such a series of shocking moments that makes up this list. We've got examples of video game greed causing us to raise an eyebrow, boss battles that bridged fantasy and reality in uncomfortable ways, and of course a little bit of titillating embarrassment to boot.

So gather your wits and get set to lose all of them promptly, for these video game moments that had you scratching your head.

8. Feeding Babies Strawberries In Hell - Shadows Of The Damned

dead or alive

I feel I could just leave this title as is and be done with things as this truly is a ridiculous moment that surely will elicit open mouths and stutterings of "What... am I... doing?". But yes, in the overblown and over the top title that is Shadows of The Damned you can, and indeed must, force-feed strawberries to babies in Hell.

Now to give some context, the babies are actually infused into doors that block your path, and the only way to open them is to appease the ugly little blighters with some fruit. The entire act is so uncomfortable to watch that it's sure to provoke a "what the flip?" from most players, but it gets even worse when you understand WHY they love strawberries.

For you see, strawberries are actually made of ground-up tongues and were a practical joke by Lord of Demons, Fleming, in order to mock humanity and force them to eat something truly disgusting without them realizing.


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