8 Video Game Moments That Made You Go....WHAT?!

7. Unlocking Sexy Heather - Silent Hill 3

dead or alive

As many of us are aware, the Silent Hill franchise is one that preys on internal fears and has been well lauded for using enemy design to imply deeper psychological horrors.

Silent Hill 3 was no exception to this, mixing imagery of consumerism alongside fears of rape and forced impregnation. It's not pleasant stuff in the slightest, but that in turn is what makes the series so formidable when it comes to making the player experience fear.

And it's also what makes the "Sexy Heather" outfit such a bizarre and almost jaw-dropping addition. For completing the game and inputting a code into the newly unlocked costume selection screen, you could deck out our hero in a costume reminiscent of Sailor Moon, and if you killed 333 enemies, you'd be able to combine this with "The Heather Beam" for a "Sexy Beam" which sees you banter off enemies while an unseen woman whispers "sexyyyy"

It's quite the atmosphere breaker, let me tell you.

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