8 Video Game NPCs You Would Die To Protect

Not today, old friend. I've got you.

Resident Evil 4

If there's a surefire way to ruin a video game experience, it's to have badly programmed AI. As players, we are prepared to put up with a HELLUVA LOTTA things, from long load times, crushing difficulty spikes so brutal you could impale yourself on them, and even ropey voice acting and dialogue, but if you offer us up either braindead enemies, or worse, absolutely absent minded AI partners, we're going to spit venom every which way we can.

The likes of having to save Slippy Toad, or having to stop trying to survive by the skin of our teeth to answer a call from Dead Rising's Otis, make us hate ever having to team up with these NPCs in the first place. Things get even worse when certain characters chew you out or chastise you and you've got no way to slap the smug off their faces (like I'm not saying I want to kill children but those kids in Skyrim make my blood fizzy).

Therefore it's such a rare blessing when you come across an NPC that not only provides genuine assistance, but actually turns out to be memorable, funny, and even a dab shot when it counts. These are the NPCs that go the distance and beyond, so let's raise a glass to them today. Cheers.

8. Huggin - BPM: Bullets Per Minute

Resident Evil 4
Awe Interactive

When the description of this fantastic rhythm-based shooter is centered around diving into the very depths of hell to defeat the forces of evil and the color palette is for the most part blood red, Huggin the dancing angel chicken is probably the last character you'd expect to find on your journey.

And yet, like the absolute big lej that he is, Huggin can be found manning the item stores that randomly pop up in the procedurally generated dungeons, selling you health and armor upgrades as well as nifty perks that can boost your other stats in weird and wonderful ways.

He's huge, cheery, and constantly dancing around to easily one of the most infectious tracks in the entire game and you will leave his shop feeling more motivated than ever to not only defeat this ancient evil, but make sure not one precious feather on his head is harmed by anything else.

He's too pure for this world, and my god we'll kill anything nasty that comes near him.


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