8 Video Game Plot Twists Revealed OUTSIDE The Main Story

ALWAYS listen to the audio logs.

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We've covered plenty of instances of great foreshadowing and amazing plot twists in lists before, but sometimes it's not quite as simple as a major narrative reveal being either well executed or coming off as embarrassingly sloppy. Sometimes, video game developers include rug-pulls in their releases that most players don't even see.

Although a major piece of plot information being left out of the main story would kill a book or TV show, games can get away with it because the scope of their narratives - and especially the delivery of them - are so radically different. In some titles the story is delivered through cutscenes, in-game dialogue, audio-logs, text boxes and sometimes even tie-ins like comics and novels that players might never get around to investigating.

As a result, the complete view of a story might be completely lost on some, because the developers and writers decided to place major reveals in areas you'd never usually look.


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