8 Video Game Plot Twists Revealed OUTSIDE The Main Story

8. The Taxi Driver Is Caine - Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Vampire The Masquerade

The mysterious cab driver in Vampire: The Masquerade shows up at multiple points to drive the player character around LA, all the while dropping cryptic teases as to their fate as well as his own origin.

Because of his eerie quality, fans immediately debated just who this character really was, as he had to be more than a mere, unassuming cabby. The prevailing theory was that he could be Caine, who in this story is the father of all vampires, being cursed with vampirism thousands of years ago after killing brother Abel. It's also implied that he put into motion the plot of Bloodlines as well, and is manipulating everything from behind the scenes.

The story of this second game never outright revealed whether or not he actually was the mythical Caine outside of a couple mysterious lines of dialogue though. Fortunately for those demanding answers, the sound files for the RPG do list this character as "Caine", giving fans all the proof they needed and confirming what the sequel only alluded to.


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