8 Video Game Plot Twists That Were Hiding In Plain Sight

8. Naomi Hunter And Grey Fox Share The Same Last Name

Grey Fox

A franchise so packed with twists and turns it shows up twice on this list, the original Metal Gear Solid gave fans a taste of the kind of cinematic story video games could tell. Though the most famous reveal is the one concerning Liquid impersonating Master Miller, there are so many more that surround it, from Snake being set up by his own government to members of his team of advisors joining the mission with ulterior motives.

It's that last part that's the focus of this entry, as geneticist Naomi Hunter is revealed to hate Solid Snake for killing her adopted brother, Frank Jaeger - otherwise known as Grey Fox - during the events of the previous game. It's just one part of telling the player they can't trust anyone - even those that are apparently there to assist them - but the connection between Naomi Hunter and Frank Jeager is actually spelled out right from the get go.

Well, if you speak German anyway.

That's because 'Jaeger' translates from German to English as 'Hunter', revealing that both Frank and Naomi share a surname, and thus must be connected. That's probably about as subtle as Kojima has ever been with foreshadowing.


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