8 Video Game Product Placements So Good We Bought In

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Nothing ruins the immersion of a work of visionary art like the protagonist, let's say in this instance a taciturn postman lugging Amazon deliveries from one rugged mountain to the next in a belaboured and somewhat conceited attempt to 'reconnect the world', topping up his stamina by chugging a can of a branded energy drink which somehow managed to survive an apocalyptic event that reduced the rest of the world to ruins.

Yet that's precisely what happens in Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima (a Hideo Kojima game), a laudatory piece of fiction which apparently moves the industry forward (very slowly) in as yet only patchily explained ways. In a piece of probably unintentional meta-humour, Sam Porter Bridge's p*ss does at least become weaponised after downing Monster. This mechanic probably wasn't explicitly approved.

Death Stranding compromises its interesting if not necessarily groundbreaking message for a quick (and admittedly, probably necessary) buck then, but its product placement needn't have been quite so incongruous. Though it's generally hard not to inspire head-shakes with random commercial partnership, a few titles have managed to shill in such a creative way that not only did we let them off - but opened up our wallets.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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