8 Video Game Product Placements So Good We Bought In

8. GoldenEye (GoldenEye 007)


During the ninth level of Rare's genre-defining first-person shooter GoldenEye 007 - already a bizarre tie-in for a movie which released two years earlier - the world's most well-known and therefore worst spy James 'Jim' Bond finds himself grabbed by the Spetsnaz (ouch!), and secreted in an underground complex below the Arctic wastes of Servernaya, Siberia.

Should 007 manage to escape his cell (and given the careless Russian guards have both handily placed the key directly in front of him and failed to confiscate his magic magnetic watch gizmo, it's likely) his next objective, as per the mission dossier, is to recover the security tape of his capture.

You'd expect this to be a simple VHS recording, with the words 'Nosy England Agent' scrawled on the label in black marker, but in a piece of brilliant albeit ludicrous promotional meta-humour, the tape in question is actually a store bought copy of the Goldeneye movie. Well, it had been on the shelves for about 18 months once the game came out. No wonder the Russians saw Bond coming.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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