8 Video Game Secrets That Were A Waste Of Time

7. The Family Quest - Final Fantasy IX

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When it comes to Final Fantasy, fans are pretty much used to dealing with lengthy quests and side missions, and will often be prepared to put in tens of hours just to complete one because of the promise of almighty rewards and secrets.

However even a franchise as tenured as Final Fantasy will stumble from time to time, and things went truly "skidding on a turd in the parking lot and fracturing your coxic" in Final Fantasy 9 when it came to the Nero Family Side Quest.

What makes this side quest in particular noteworthy was the fact that it only came to light fairly recently as the entire mission had gone undiscovered for years, however, for those that looked to reunite the Nero family the reward was anything but worth the wait.

After completing certain missions and reaching specific in-game events and then returning to a specific location the player would help reunite the massive family, and with each member rejoining the pack the excitement and anticipation would grow and grow as to what the reward might be. Could it be a new weapon? A brand new summon? or even a new party member?

Nah. It was a protect ring, a basic piece of equipment that one could buy at a few vendors in the game. Family reunions can be painful, but this was "kissing your cousin" levels of painful.


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