8 Video Game Sequels That Did Characters Dirty

They All Deserved Better!

Thane Mass Effect

What is a story without its characters? Well for the most part nothing as they are the lifeblood of any narrative and the vessels that we all emotionally invest it. This is only magnified when a sequel is on the books and in today's landscape, it normally always is.

Whether they be the lead protagonist, a compelling antagonist or even just a side character handing out missions, most stories have someone out there for everyone and bringing their story to an end isn’t always that simple.

This only gets more complicated if a character makes a return after an absence, as now the player knows them and expects some sort of purpose for them being here, or at least a payoff for their existence in the first place.

Sadly though, this isn’t always the case and not everyone gets the ending they might deserve. Some never even return or could be missed altogether. And with these games, this definitely wasn’t the case.

And a special shout out to Sam Fisher, Ubisoft if you have nothing for this beloved character then let him rest already. We don't need him to be shoehorned into every game you make.


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